October 8, 2009

We left Croatia 3 days ago and drove thru Montenegro and Albania to reach Greece. We are loving the drive and enjoying the warm water, very nice people, great food and beautiful scenery... Check the new photos on the right column,

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October 2, 2009

News from Croatia

We started our Europeen road trip and we are in Croatia now waiting for an insurance paper to cross Montenegro's border. We also encountered some car problems, alternator to fix, the gas pump, the water pump, and yesterday the clutch... hoo!  We've been lucky as we found everything we needed for the car here in the area. We also made friends, Dario and his family. He is our gas pump mechanic and they have been very nice to us, inviting us for lunch and helping us everyday. 

Saturday, sept 19th we left Bad Kissingen, Germany and drove to Munich to see the Octoberfest. Pretty impressive, huge party for everybody. We surfed the standing river wave in the middle of the city and had lots of fun and big bruise for me...
We left Munich on the 22nd and drove thru Austria to sleep at the Italian Alps border. The drive is beautiful, lakes and mountains, empty forests, roads. 
We arrived in wednesday afternoon in Venice and spent the rest of the day there. Amazing and surprising water city, it was like a maze for us as we walked around without a map. 
The fog stopped us from driving that night and we crossed the Slovenia border the next day . We drove thru small towns and big forest to get to Croatia. 
The Croatian coast is magnificent, one of the best coast drive we've done. The sea is calm all day long, clear water and beautiful bays, old towns, little wooden boat, figs everywhere....
Today is a rainy day, we hope we won't have anymore car troubles.... that's a BIG wish for a Volkswagen !!!!! When you buy an old volkswagen, you buy an adventure with it !!!!

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