February 21, 2010

Manatee waiting for warmer weather... like me !

Manatee waiting for warmer weather... like me ! They live up to 60 years and are herbivorous. They are gentle and slow-moving animals, spending most of their time eating, resting, and traveling. I told you ! they are just like me, I must have been a Manatee in another life... They migrate to Florida in winter time. This year have been one of the coldest year and a lot of them died of cold stress. They are related to the dugong, what people call mermaid in Australia and Indonesia.
For more information, check this cool website www.savethemanatee.org, you can even adopt a manatee and have a mermaid friend for life !!!!! ;-)

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February 13, 2010

Surf in Melbourne Beach, Florida

Wall painting in Melbourne Beach

February 3, 2010

Hello from Florida... Bisou