December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas.... from Germany

We spent three weeks in Morocco and Noah really enjoyed his time there. It was a little hard for me as a very smiling girl, guys tend to think that I was trying to hit on them all the time. Beside the fact that you feel like a money machine to them, it is a very nice country to visit. It really made me realize how rare free generosity is. I tend to trust people very easy and I was many time disappointed there. I made friends thought, Mohammed, a small grocery shop owner. He could barely speak french but I tried to learn arabic and berber with him, and a parking guy who bought me some mandarine when I didn't have any money, the mandarine seller was really nice too. Beside that, invitation to have a tea is the introduction to any kind of relation, tomato are cheaper that anywhere else in the world (I haven't tried Indian ones), bread is delicious with some amlou (crushed almond with honey and  oil) spread on it while still hot, tagine, couscous, delicious oranges, mandarines, cute and hugable camels, beautiful people, old mans sitting on the ground, riding donkeys, hitch hikers, woman with veil and henna tattoo on their hands and feet, people staring at you, begging for money, pottery, sardine smell, hashish, crazy taxi drivers, mercedes taxi, camping car, the king and his beautiful wife.....
We left Morocco the 19th and drove to Tanger, took the ferry there, drove along Spain mediterranean cost, thru France and arrived in Germany yesterday to make a surprise to my uncle for Christmas Eve.  
On the road, I met some of my best friend, Claudia in Barcelona, who I met in Australia and taught me yoga, Chloé, Sarah and Aude in Guebwiller, who I know from Moorea since more than 10 years. 
I saw the snow all around me for the first time on the road. It feels and looks like we are in a giant freezer. I'm wishing everyday to see it falling now...

We wish you all late Merry Christmas, 

Take care