December 18, 2008

Mon départ pour Rapa est prévu pour demain. Je n'aurais certainement pas accès à internet de là-bas mais je vous raconterais mes aventures à mon retour, je vous souhaite à tous de très bonnes fêtes et à l'année prochaine,

My departure to Rapa is planned for tomorrow. I problably won't have any internet acces from there, but I will tell you everything when I get back, I wish you an early merry Christmas, see you next year,

Take care, bisous, nana

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tehani Parent said...

Mes chers Amis,
Merci pr ton mail Pom :)
so thoughtfull as always...

can you see the hazard doesn't exist? for my birthday, you arrive in a little hippie city, which significates my your trip! with waves to make you delighted, just as us... i think of you very much, take care, and keep living real dreams each second. Love