February 25, 2009

Sunshine state, here we are

Sunshine state, here we are ! We had to come to Queensland to see the Australian blue sky... we did it ! We've been in Coolangatta for more than  a week now, waiting for the perfect long wave to come back. We arrived last wednesday and we had super conditions, soo good that we didn't have the time to take pictures, too exicited about surfing Snapper rock Rainbow bay & Greenmount. That wave is sooooo long, unbeleivable, longest wave I've ever surfed.
The weather is really nice here, sun is strong, extra large and long beaches, very enjoyable cold showers and nice people, actually a little too much people.... surfing with over 200 of them !!! It's like seeing the wave of your dream but not be able to surf it... because someone is on it !!!
We had a couple of waves fortunately and I'll be happy with that, very happy. I think Australia is the most crowded surfing place on the earth, after that we won't complain about crowd anymore !

The WCT contest start tommorrow if the waves are back and we will probably drive north.

Take care


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