April 28, 2009

Bye Bye Australia

Hi everybody,

We are flying out tomorrow to Indonesia. We sold our car at the last minute to some very nice Tongans. We are really happy about it because it goes to polynesians and I really liked them. Their will be 4 of them sleeping in the car when they go to work out of Perth to pick fruits. We spent the afternoon with Bunny, we are so much the same, open hearts and happy, it gave me more energy for the rest of the trip.

We arrived in Perth 4 days ago and we stayed with Meike, my german friend I met in Sydney at the beginning of our trip, at her uncle's and aunty's house, Fritz and Suzanne. They are very nice people and being able to have somewhere to stay after selling our house car is really helpful. What makes it even nicer is the beautiful garden they have, full of flowers, hibiscus, monette, palm trees, roses, plumeria... 

We got time to see more of Perth too, while waiting for some potential buyer. We visited 3 museums which was really interesting. 
Perth is our favorite Australian city, not too busy, with a lot of parks and roses gardens, water in the middle and not too cold. We saw a lot of aboriginal with white Australians which warmed my heart as I can see a better future for Australia.

English and Australians people call the country's strongest beer "the wife beater"... Their favorite and national food is meat pie.... Oh, they also eat french fries with white vinegar... I have to try that some day.


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