April 18, 2009

Western Australia

Yallingup, 17th of April 2009

It’s been a while since I haven’t wrote anything about our trip around the world.  We are in Yallingup, Western Australia since 2 weeks. We stayed in Perth the first night we got in WA to get our India visa.

Perth is built around the water. It is a very nice artsy city where buildings are growing faster than weeds, sculptures are left on the beach,  bus stops are colorfull, a ferris wheel takes tourist in the air and Le Cirque du Soleil spread its magic in the middle of the town… We followed the train line to go South and find the waves. Land is for sale everywhere and gated communities are growing all along the highway.

Religious campsites welcome us as we enter the Cape to Cape area. We started our wave search from Cape Naturaliste, then drove all the way down to Margaret River. Trees spread theirs branch to give cars shade, grapes are waiting to be picked under their veils, the sun comes up and slowly pours her golden light over the earth, the car shakes as we drive on the dirt road, rabbits run away to hide. Down the cliff the waves are breaking, red rocks emerge from the sand and cut the beach line, my feet are numb walking in cold sand. 20 minutes walk get us to Noah's favorite spot, a nice right and left peak wave. 

Noah bumped into a friend of ours, Daniel. He is Brazilian and have been living around the Pacific for the past 10 years. He's spending some time here in Western Australia surfing and enjoying the place. We hang out with him everyday. His house mates are Australians, Lyndall and Adele, they became our friends from the first night. Lyndall works at a winery and we get free wine every night, which Adele and I enjoy !

I met Claudia thru Daniel, she is a Brazilian-Austrian yoga teacher living in Australia for few years now. We became very good friends and she teaches me yoga everyday of the week. I'm learning about raw food with her and discovering a new culinary world. 

We are coming to the end of our Australian trip and selling our car. I feel sad about selling our Australian house and leaving my new friends but at the same time I'm very excited that we are going to be in a new country very soon.


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